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Inspire Dance Company Auditions

Challenge yourself as a dancer!

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Audition for our Hip Hop Company

Directed by Karlo and Angelina Familara

July 18th - 1:00 and 2:00 Sessions

On Monday, June 17th, we will be hosting auditions for placement on our Company and Performing teams. Auditions will take place during the day in three different sessions depending upon age and team desired. Before the audition, we will host a parent meeting to share information about the requirements and fees that will be involved.This is your opportunity to ask questions and familiarize yourself with our program 

The cost to audition is $30.00.


  • Pre-registration is preferred and will begin on Tuesday, June 4th. Click the button above to complete the form.

  • Dancers should report 15 minutes before the time designated for the level they are interested in. 

  • Each dancer will receive an audition number that will be used to record scoring and post results.  

  • Dancers may be invited to come back and attend another audition later in the day to determine the best fit for a group. 

  • An invitation to come back does not guarantee a higher position.

  • Dancers may indicate a desire to audition for more than one group upon arrival. The session that a dancer attends will not automatically limit them to a specific group.  Our staff will know how to properly place each dancer and will consult with parents if there are any questions regarding your initial group selection.

  • 3 weeks of Summer Camp is required for all Mini elite, Company and Company Elite team members

  • 2 Weeks of Summer Camp are required for the Mini-company and Company Lite teams.

  • 1 week of Summer Camp is required for the Petite Performers, our Jazz Company and our Hip Hop Company

  • Audition results will be emailed on or before Tuesday, June 25th.

  • The next steps for acceptance into a Company Team Level will be included in the email containing the audition results.  

  • If a dancer is planning to audition, they must be registered for the summer intensives to fulfill their requirement. 


Available Team Options:

We offer a membership for every age and experience level.  Each of our teams holds different ages, training, travel, and overall time commitment level.  Preliminary information will be available at the parent meeting with final details provided as part of the acceptance process.  Please note, that sub-groups may be made within each level and vary from year to year.

General guidelines are as follows:

Company Groups

Our Company Groups are designed for dedicated dancers interested in studying the true art of dance at an elite level, mastering proper technique and execution of movement.   These dancers will train with our accomplished local staff and guest artists throughout the country.  Their training commitment will cover ballet, jazz/contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, Pointe and Tap disciplines.  Overall training ranges from 5.5 to 12 hours a week plus rehearsal time.  These students will compete in regional and national events throughout the year depending upon age, gaining exposure and recognition throughout the country.

Multiple Company Levels - Dancers ages 10 through High School

Mini Company Age Range 5-10 (Age 5 by August 1st, 2024)

Our Company Lite Groups are designed for beginner through advanced dancers that want to take advantage of the proper training that Inspire has to offer but have less time in their weekly schedule to commit.  Students in this program will take classes that will align with the company lite team that they belong to. All dance disciplines will be an option for training beyond the requirements. Team members will spend dance 3-8 hours a week training (depending upon their placement level) and are invited to attend several local competitions, one convention, and the opportunity to attend additional events with our company members.

Petite Performers - Dancers ages 5 - 8 (Age 5 by January 1st, 2024) Younger dancers please inquire about personal readiness

Hip Hop Company - Dancers ages 10+

Jazz Company - Dancers ages 8+

Company Lite - Dancers ages 12+

Audition Session Descriptions:

Select your session based on the age you will be on January 1st, 2025


Session 1

All dancers that are interested in a team that are 

Ages 5-7

Time: 11:00 am


Session 2

All dancers that are interested in a team that are 

Ages 8-11 

Time: 12:15 pm

Session 3

All dancers that are interested in a team that are

Ages 12 and up

Time:  1:30 pm

Dancers will participate together in a group warmup and choreography session.

Dancers will then audition in groups based on the team they are interested in as well as their individual age.

Dancers will also have the opportunity to improv and show any special skills that they have.


Selection for all Company Teams will be based upon:

** Work ethic, effort level, and attitude

** Demonstration of excellence in technique

** Demonstration of stage presence and performance

** Knowledge and execution of the audition choreography

** Positive Family Support and Attitude



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