The Company

Company Overview

Mission Statement

We strive to bring a type of entertainment to our audiences that will stir and motivate to greater things. The goal is not simply to “entertain” but to touch the audience in a way that everyone can relate to, through human emotion. It is the connection between audience and performer that makes the performance.

Our company dancers will be taught to hold to this belief first and foremost, in addition to mastering their technique and building their strength, knowledge, and connections to prepare them for the world of professional dance.


Auditions - August 16th

Parent Meeting - July 27th @ 7:00pm

The Inspire Dance Company is a single group of dancers ranging from age 5 to 18.  The members must fulfill their commitment to the company in two ways: classroom time and rehearsal time. 


Company members are required to complete a weekly curriculum of classes designed to develop them technically as dancers.  These classes are set apart from rehearsals for competition dances.   The company members will be placed in ballet, jazz, lyrical and hip hop classes based on their current technical level of dancing.  Additionally, the company members will attend one company class together where they will work on technical elements and choreography.


All company members are required to perform and compete in a selected number of dances. They will be required to attend all rehearsals scheduled for those dance performances.  The single or series of required dances will be based on their company group. Participation in additional dances is optional.