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Policies and Procedures

Registration: Once class selections have been made and tuition for the 1st session has been made, your registration will be completed and confirmed.  For sessions 2 through 5, tuition will be due before the first day of each new session.   A tuition reminder will be sent via email for sessions 2-5.

The Inspire dance year consists of five instruction sessions, starting on August 19th and working towards recital on Saturday, June 13th. A student may enroll at any time during a session, as long as there is an opening in the desired class. We will prorate tuition accordingly. We will gladly accept new students into open classes through the month of December. Afterward, registration will be closed for the remainder of the dance year.

IMPORTANT: Tuition is non-refundable. (*Please reference the "Notification of Termination" section to properly cancel a registration).


Enrollment DetailsOnce a student is registered in a class, they will maintain their enrollment in future sessions. Payment will be due with each new session, but the re-enrollment process is not required. Should a dancer wish to discontinue a class, written notification is required.   Please read the “Notification of Termination” information located below to avoid any unwanted charges to your account. If written notification is not received, you will be responsible for tuition regardless of attendance.


Note: We regret that we will be unable to accept registration from any student that is a member of a competing dance company or performing company that is not affiliated with Inspire School of Dance. Students of High School groups such as poms, cheer or orchesis are welcome.


A guaranteed credit or bank card is required for enrollment at Inspire. There will be a $25 fee charged for any bank/credit card that is not kept current with the office. This includes invalid cards, declined cards, expiration date changes, credit card replacements, and bank account changes.


Automatic Billing Option/
When registering, you may choose to have your tuition payments applied to your bank/credit card automatically. For families that choose to use our automatic billing procedure, tuition will be billed to your bank/credit card on the day before the new session starts.  If you choose manual payment and your tuition is not paid by the first day of the new session, we will process tuition through our system using the bank/credit card that you have placed on file to secure a dancer's registration in the class.   Remaining current in all tuition payments is necessary to maintain your place in class.

Each family is responsible for keeping all bank/credit card information current. Any discrepancy with a bank/credit card on file will result in a $25.00 fee.  (Ex. Missing or incorrect numbers, expired cards, cards declined). 


We will attempt one tuition processing the first day of the new session without penalty.  If the bank/credit card run is unsuccessful, an account will be considered past due and will receive a $25.00 late fee. If you prefer to pay by check, there is a $35.00 returned check fee for any checks returned by the bank.  

Notification of Termination:
Notification of termination of enrollment must be made prior to the last day of the current session and must be noted in writing and turned in to the office. If this process is not completed, your card on file will be charged on the day after tuition is due.  Emails and faxes can be accepted. However, receipt of the email or fax must be confirmed by an office staff member. Because something was sent, does not imply that it was received.  We appreciate your understanding of this policy. 


Class Placement:
We want to place each individual in a class that is best suited for them, regardless of age. Therefore, class placement will be made primarily in regards to individual ability and is determined by the class teacher and school director. The first two weeks of the dance season are used to verify placement in each class. During this time, we will move dancers to the proper class if they have not been properly placed. 


Absence/Make-up Classes:
If your child will be absent from class, please call and inform the office. Classes can be made up in any similar class, within the same session as class missed. There will be no refunds for missed classes. For suggestions of which make up classes would best suit, please feel free to ask your teacher. Call ahead to schedule your make-up class.  There is a limited number of spaces available in each class.


Substitute Teachers:
Because our staff is in high demand performing and instructing at special events in the dance arena, there will be times when substitute teachers are necessary. Allowing staff members this flexibility brings a better learning environment back to your child. All subs will come with qualifications appropriate for the class they are teaching.


Weather Cancellation:
On any day that is questionable please call before leaving and check your email.  We will communicate all studio closings via the email that is held in your account record.  We do our best to follow the decisions of the school systems when and if we need to cancel.  No refunds will be given for classes canceled due to weather.


Studio Care:
Please try to keep the studio clean and treat it as you would your home. No Gum, Popcorn or Gatorade allowed in the studio. Only water will be allowed in the classrooms.  *On a more personal note: Each individual is very important to us, so we would encourage your questions and comments regarding your child. In order for classes to be run more efficiently, please contact us via e-mail at, or leave a message with the office, and we will get back to you promptly. As a result, we will not be taking away from your child’s class time and also allow for better, less time-restricted communication with you.

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