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Class Selections

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Twinkle Twos: This 45-minute class is a great introduction to place children in a group setting, make friends, improve gross motor skills, and enjoy a fun-filled class just for them.  They will not only get a head start on dance but also creative movement, providing a great environment to use their energy. 

Shining Stars: These classes are an exciting start for little ones who love to dance.  They include instruction on the fundamentals of ballet and tap set in a fun and nurturing environment.  In addition, children will be gaining self-esteem while working on coordination skills, strength, rhythm, creativity, and body awareness. Shining Stars I (3-4 yrs), Shining Stars II (4-5 yrs)

Advanced Kids requires pre-approval of Miss Anne.  This class is designed for younger children that have progressed to or desire a higher level of technique and training.  It is best suited for young dancers that have an interest in competing in the future.

Dancin' Combo Classes focus on creativity, strength, and fundamental technique while letting dancers enjoy time with their peers and continue to explore a variety of dance styles. This next level of dance is designed for students in the 5-7 age range.  Combo classes allow students to experience multiple dance styles in the same hour class while taking their skills a step further.  Levels are available by age and will include ballet, jazz & tap, or ballet & jazz.  View our schedule for the different combinations and age groups.


Storybook Ballet is designed to develop a child’s imagination while practicing ballet basics. Storybook Ballet combines music, dance, and storybooks to help develop coordination, balance and expression. Become a character in a book and experience the magic of a fairytale. The experience will be truly enchanting.

Twirl is a fun addition to our 5-7 combo class, designed to add a little sparkle and extra fun to our regular curriculum. Twirl dancers will receive a special ribbon, booklet and certificate that they will use throughout the dance season. Once a month, there will be a special “Twirl” day
dance party with fun filled activities. This class has a $15 program fee per session.



Ballet:  Ballet is the absolute fundamental for any form of dance.  Strength in technique and placement are a must for any dancer and are only mastered after significant and proper ballet training.  We highly recommend ballet classes for all of our dancers.  The mastery and understanding of technique, as well as, the appreciation for the beauty of the art of ballet will be stressed in these classes


Technique: This is a strengthening and stretch class, focusing on flexibility and the development of proper muscles.  Designed to be a great addition to any dancer's schedule, providing for a great workout while significantly advancing one’s technique.


Contemporary Jazz and Lyrical: These classes present a range of the most current styles in the dance world.  They allow for a more expressive, powerful, energetic use of a dancer's technique.  While all classes will be based on a strong foundation of ballet, they will also take your technique to a new level, bringing variety, dynamics, and style.  Enjoy exciting classes on the cutting edge of dance.

Tap: Mastery of the feet, their rhythm, sound, and speed.  Learn the dance styles of Savion Glover, Fred Astaire, and Stomp.

Hip Hop:  Here’s your chance to learn the hottest new dance style seen on the music videos.  These classes are full of energy and fun!!

Musical Theatre: These classes are designed for the student who enjoys drama as well as dance, and embraces a variety of stylistic forms from Music Hall to Broadway.  Musical Theatre (best for ages 8-12)


Dancer Care:  A dancer's passion is such a powerful force and is what drives them to push the limits of their bodies and minds.  Often times we don't take the time that is needed to recover from the demands of the dancer's life. This class is designed to help the dancer heal their body and release the mind.  Incorporating this routine will increase flexibility and better prepare the body for what is ahead, as well as release the mind to allow the dancer to become more open and confident.


BeMoved® is a dance experience that inspires people of all movement levels to fully express themselves through the beauty of dance. Classes are designed so that every participant is empowered to move naturally within their own abilities while following the class choreography.

A variety of dance genres will be covered in this class.  Perfect for former dancers or those that want to get up and move.




Classes that have additional requirements:


All classes noted with a "b" require that the dancer is enrolled in 2 weekly ballet classes.


Company and Performing Team labeled classes are reserved for team members only (determined by auditions that are held prior to the dance year).
Enrollment for Level I classes requires that the dancer complete the Dancin’ Combo level at Inspire or be at least 7 years of age 

General Level Guidelines:

Level 1 (Jazz, Lyrical or Ballet)
Age 7 or completion of the prior levels or instructor approval

Level 1 (Hip Hop - Boys or Mixed Girls and Boys) Age 6

Level 2 (Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet or Hip Hop)
Age 9 or completion of the prior level(s) or instructor approval

Level 3 (Jazz. Lyrical, Ballet or Hip Hop)
Age 11 or completion of the prior level(s) or instructor approval


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