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 COVID Procedures

Keeping our students safe during re-opening!

As we welcome our students back, we are committed to taking precautions to keep everyone as safe and comfortable as possible and would like to share several of the key procedures you can count on us to follow

  • All Dancers and Staff will be required to wear masks 

  • All Dancers and Staff will receive a daily temperature check

  • We will provide Hand Sanitizer at entry and in all studios 

  • We will limit the capacity in each studio to provide each dancer with a space that meets or exceeds social distancing recommendations

  • We will increase the frequency of bathroom and common surface cleanings

  • We will keep the dressing areas closed until further notice

  • We will continue to prohibit any eating inside the studio

  • We will continue to encourage dancers to practice social distancing upon entering and exiting of the studios

If your family is not ready to re-enter the studio but would like to remain involved in dance, please know that we will be offering each class virtually through Zoom as well.  We have upgraded our studio equipment and our internet service to accommodate our remote dancers.

The Zoom links will be available for every class as a backup for any future situations that might arise.   If a dancer has been exposed to COVID-19 or any other virus of concern, has not passed the temperature check for the day, or isn’t feeling well, the Zoom Option will be an alternative way to participate.

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