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Class Dress Codes

Ballet Dress code will be as follows:
Petite Ballet and Ballet I: Light Blue Leotard
Ballet 2a and Ballet 2b: Light Purple Leotard
Ballet 3a, Ballet 3b & Ballet 4b: Burgundy Leotard
Ballet 4a, Ballet 5b, Ballet 6b, and Advanced Ballet: Black Leotard (Black Tights are also allowed for these levels)

All levels should wear a white or pink ballet belt

All Ballet Classes: All ballet classes require pink tights, pink ballet shoes (canvas split sole style is recommended), and hair secured back in a bun! Hairnets are recommended to secure loose ends. Warm-ups (leg warmers, sweaters, etc.) are allowed during floore barre classes only.

Guys: For all ballet classes you may wear a white t-shirt and black sweatpants, please nothing too baggy.

Lyrical & Jazz Classes:

Jazz pants or shorts, half top, or form-fitting tank, leotards, or unitards.

Clothes should fit snug in order to see body lines. Black or Tan jazz shoes.

Hair pulled securely away from the face.

Bloch “Super Jazz” shoes are recommended for class and will be required for recital.

Hip Hop Classes:

Sweat Pants, loose shorts, T-shirts, tanks, or Sweatshirts. No Jeans, please.

Gym shoes (no black soles) 

Dancin’ Combo Classes: 

Any color leotard and tights or snug-fitting jazz clothing,

Black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, and tan slip-on jazz shoes. 

(Bloch “Super Jazz” shoe is recommended)

Twinkle Two/Threes, Shining Stars 1, and Shining Stars 2: 

Any leotard with or without a skirt, pink ballet tights, and pink canvas split sole ballet shoes. 

Our main concern for this age is comfort.  

(some feet may be too small for the canvas shoes, but it is our first choice if it fits the dancer)

Tap I and above:  

Jazz/Tap style shoes are required.

Please speak with your tap teacher for specific recommendations if you are purchasing new shoes.

ALL CLASSES: For safety issues, no jeans and jewelry, please.  This includes necklaces, chokers, watches, and bracelets (earrings that do not extend beyond the earlobe are acceptable) 

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